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The Car is a Lego Technic model with pneumatic active suspension that can raise each corner of the vehicle independently.

The Car

I couldn't wait until September for the SuperCar II (8448) and I had a set of nice wheels and pneumatic pieces from the Crane Truck (8462) so... I built my own car and shamelessly lifted some design ideas from the prerelease promo photos of the 8448 including the nose, windscreen, and general proportions. The suspension for each wheel is controlled by a seperate pneumatic cylinder, although the two front cylinders are attached to the same valve. The pump and valves are lined up along the rear bumper, along with a steering knob.

More photos of the Car:
The control valves and pump, and the steering knob The front suspension jacked up Jack up just one side for that cool gangsta look
The nose design is a simple version of the 8448's The Car in its natural habitat The rear jacked up, ready to drag someone at the lights
The rear of the car with the suspension down low A general side view, again proportionally similar to 8448 A view from above

Now all it needs is a 250W stereo...

Building instructions

Building instructions for the front and rear suspension are available here as a series of 53 images in five parts.

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