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These calipers use a rotation sensor attached to the Lego MindStorms RCX to measure the position of the caliper arms. The photo below shows the Lego calipers alongside the "real thing".

The Calipers

Here the calipers are seen measuring the width of the RCX. The LCD reads 16, which is a value in half-stud units. Studs are, of course, the only true unit of measure in the Lego universe.

This creation doesn't exactly need a program - just put an input into rotation sensor mode, and press the View button to watch the value.

More photos of the Calipers:
A closeup shot of the calipers measuring the RCX A 20t gear provides the half-stud resolution The rotation sensor on the back of the calipers
Measuring the outside diameter of a wheel Measuring the inside diameter of a wheel Measuring the depth inside a wheel

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